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Job Relocation or Job Loss? A Quick Solution To Sell Your Home

Job relocation or job loss are just two situations where you need to sell your house fast, and it’s important to be aware of all the options available to you. One that’s often overlooked is working with a cash investor, especially since most can buy your home in as little as seven days.

This method can save you from putting a ton of prep work into putting your home on the market just to have it sit… and sit… until the right buyer comes along. Plus, there’s no need to worry about financing because a cash investor pays just that – cash.

Working with a cash investor can be especially useful in a circumstance like job loss or relocation (or any other circumstance where you have to move quickly!). They provide an offer in as little as 48 to 72 hours, and there’s also no need to complete any repairs on your home. This leaves you with a ton of extra time to job search or prepare for your move.

Not to mention, with real estate agents taking between 6 to 10 percent commission and the extra costs of closing and taxes, it’s possible to lose a good portion of what your home is worth through traditional house selling methods. With a cash investor, what they offer is what you get – no hidden costs or surprises later. There’s no commission required, and no need to worry about closing costs or repairs. The price offered is the value you get for your home.

A cash investor gives you the opportunity to sell your home in less the amount of time than if you let it sit on the market waiting for a buyer. The cash investor is the buyer and can make the transaction happen in a timeframe that works for you. Because they are paying cash, their finances are secured and don’t require the long wait of getting a bank involved.

Other Reasons This Solution May Work for You…

A cash investor will allow you to sell your home in the quickest amount of time possible, while helping you save on labor and time. Here are some things to know:

Forget About Repairs

By choosing a cash investor, you can forget about the repairs that need to be done on your home. They will work with you to figure these repairs into the price of your home.

Who has the time to make costly repairs when they’re looking to sell or move quickly? A cash investor simply makes you an offer, and you can move forward.

You Can Start Packing Immediately

The time it takes a cash investor to provide you with an offer for you home, and then to close on your home, is much faster than working with a real estate agent. You will be able to make your next move very rapidly as a cash investor can work with you to close on your house in the timeframe that you need – often within one to three weeks.

This will allow you to begin packing your belongings immediately. No longer will you have to transition between selling your home and moving to a new place, all while keeping your home in tiptop shape. You will not be responsible for having showings at your home at all hours of the day (which your home needs to be immaculate for!). A cash investor inspects your home once, and makes an offer.

You will be able to move on to your next opportunity in a swift fashion without the headaches of appointments to keep with a real estate agent, or scheduled open houses.

You Will Be Given A Fair Price

With a cash investor, you don’t have to worry about pricing your property, because they’ll take care of deciding a fair market value for you home. They base this on several factors: the condition of your home, what you need for repairs, and the value of other homes in your neighborhood. This can be incredibly helpful for those who need to move because of a new job or recent job loss.

Those who have sold their home with a traditional real estate agent know the anxiety that comes with playing “the price game.” Is it set too high? Too low? Will you need to lower it later, signaling to potential buyers that there’s something wrong with your listing?

A cash investor takes this worry off your plate.

You Won’t Be Stressed Out

Imagine getting to sell your home without having to worry about preparing it for market, working through the listing, paying extra costs and fees, deep cleaning, and knowing you’ll have to leave on a whim for a showing.

Perhaps the best value a cash investor can offer is freeing you from a ton of stress. If you’ve recently experienced a job loss, or you need to relocate to a new area, you’ve got enough on your plate.

If you need to move quickly, and would like to let go of the hassle of going the traditional route in a real estate market, this could be a great solution for you.


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